Turnkey projects over about 100 in Turkey, we conducted an interview about 15 to near complete hospital projects with medical devices DELTA TRADE Among the leading companies in the industry COMPANY firm General Director Huseyin Sahin company with operations and technical services abroad.

 Could you tell us about the establishment of DELTA TRADE COMPANY, its place and mission in the health sector of our country?

DELTA TRADE COMPANY (DTC) first began its activities in Germany and continues its activities in Turkey since 1997.

DELTA TRADE COMPANY Group; DTC Turkey, Germany and the DTC DTC is technical service and with a great knowledge about being in hospital over 200 staff can answer all your needs in this regard.

The main working area of ​​the DTC; The project covers the planning, sales, installation, commissioning and post-installation training of all kinds of medical devices that should be used in a health institution starting from zero, which is called a turn-key hospital project.

Our mission is to be a solution partner according to the quality and budget to the investors who will make health investment. In addition to having a widespread service network for medical devices both in Turkey and abroad, we continue our work by providing independent maintenance-repair and calibration services.

Our company is ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certificate and is available to companies operating in the medical field and outside of the major manufacturers in Turkey owned by a small number of firms also has ISO 13485 certificates.

In Turkey, I think we have an important role and significance in our own. Because with the different brand, origin and model options we offer to our customers; we provide the investor with ease of decision-making in the purchasing process and increase the comfort of the physician in terms of usage.

 Together with all these strengths, we have initiated 100 hospitals in Turkey as turn-key projects. On the other hand, we continue our activities in countries such as South and Northern Iraq, Moldova, Kosovo, Lebanon, Iran, Libya, Kazakhstan, Somalia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan. For example, we are currently providing maintenance, repair and calibration services to 54 hospitals in Sudan. At the same time, we established a high-tech Electronic Card Laboratory (PCB) in this country.