Mission & Vision

DTC aims to be remembered with sustainable trust and quality by constantly renewing its rich product portfolio to meet the needs of customers and make all partners and employees feel part of a happy family by following the change and development in the health sector closely and with dynamic,innovative and exemplary company culture. DTC values solution orientation and human orientation the most. For DTC, the most important goal is to bring quality by offering advantageous price to investors with leading manufacturers in the world with its turnkey hospital project concept.



As DTC, we started our journey to implement sustainable quality and innovative service concept in health sector in our country and in the world with “First Human Health” principle. In turnkey projects we have done in and out of the country, we use the latest technologies in health, high service quality, human orientation and excellence. Our target as DTC family is to be the preferred as leader company by maintaining our indispensable principles in the health sector with our constantly improving team and our stakeholders who share the same passion and goals.